Piedmontese Violin Making

Although between the seventeenth century and the early twentieth century Turin was one of Europe's great capitals of music and of music instrument making, today few if any traces remain of this old and illustrious tradition.
Piedmontese violin making is characterized by a series of features that make it a school in its own right, within which, though, each violin maker developed his own personality and his own style.

Our project is to re-evaluate these aspects, and through a series of initiatives, including editorial ones, we hope to restore the Piedmontese School to its proper standing.

The aim of the series Piedmontese Violin Making is to provide a historical reconstruction of the life and work of the violin makers who worked in Piedmont, through documented research. The large number of instruments included in each book will provide a clear view of the entire working career of most of the makers examined. Construction details are an indispensable element to evaluate in depth the techniques and styles used.
The publishers would be grateful to whoever might wish to contribute to the study of Piedmontese violin making by bringing to our attention documents, instruments, testimony or other material.

Piedmontese Violin Making, Annibale Fagnola
Annibalotto Fagnola, Stefano Vittorio Fasciolo, Riccardo Genovese

The next book in the series will be devoted to:
Carlo Giuseppe Oddone, Evasio Emilio Guerra and Enrico Prochet