Giovanni Accornero

Rosa sonora

Esposizione di chitarre, XVII - XX secolo

2003, 64 pp.
rilegato in brossura, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 00014

€ 16,00
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An antique musical instrument is not simply a precious testimony of a noble craftsman of the past. It is also a very useful subject of investigations that can help us to understand the true nature of the music that was played on it and by means of it. Rosa sonora contains a range of instruments that illustrate as exhaustively as possible the different currents of guitar making, with historical and biographical details relating to the main traditions and the most representative maestros. The starting point is Turin, where one of the main schools of guitar making was active, made famous chiefly by the Guadagnini family together with Godone and Torchio. A second section is reserved to craftsmen coming from the French town of Mirecourt who were working in Turin: Pillement, Denis, Noiriel-Lacaille, Calot. The centuries-long tradition of cultural exchanges between Piedmont and France justifies, or better requires, an over-view of the best instruments of French make. Among those selected, the superb instrument by Alexander Voboam (the oldest guitar known by this maker, shown in public for the first time), and that by LacĂ´te. Francesco Corbetta, the most famous guitarist of the seventeenth century, and Fernando Sor, top guitarist and composer of the nineteenth century, played on these instruments or other similar ones made by the same makers. A most particular guitar, again by a French maker, is that designed by the Piedmontese guitarist Francesco Molino, taking as his inspiration the features of the violin. This is a very rare guitar that Giovanni Accornero has restored to its former glory so cleverly that it could recently be used to record Molino's Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra. We reach the Neapolitan school and the dynasties of Filano, Vinaccia and Fabricatore through the mandolin and guitar that Pasquale Vinaccia made for Queen Margaret of Savoy.

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Giovanni Accornero
Giovanni Accornero, after studying guitar during his childhood, soon became interested in violin making, building his first instrument at the age of 18 under the guidance of luthier Pietro Gallinotti (Solero - Alessandria). In addition to building and restoring plucked instruments, he devoted himself to the restoration of stringed instruments, attending Arnaldo Morano's workshop and participating in restoration courses.
In 2002, he built a guitar for the "Palacio de la Guitarra" museum in Tokyo, the first Italian guitar to become part of this prestigious collection.
Collaboration with the most authoritative international researchers, organologists, restorers, scholars, experts and luthiers has enabled him to acquire a deep knowledge on the history of ancient and modern Italian stringed instrument making, especially Piedmontese, and his certificates of authenticity are now internationally recognized by collectors, musicians, public and private institutions.
He has also collaborated on countless publications and has been curator of important exhibitions of stringed and plucked instruments.
Since 2011 Giovanni Accomero has been a member of the association "Friends of Stradivari," which is engaged in activities aimed at popularizing stringed instrument making in the world, especially violin making from Piedmont and Cremona.
Since 2012 he has been the official advisor to the German foundation KulturFonds - Peter E. Eckes, active in patronage operations in the search and purchase of stringed instruments to lend to talented young musicians. The latter include violinist Bin Huang, violinist Giovanni Andrea Zanon and the Cremona Quartet.
In 2013, he was appointed conservator of the collection of historical musical instruments donated by Eng. Carlo Alberto Carutti to the city of Cremona, for which he edited the catalog, on permanent display at "Le Stanze per la Musica" rooms, of the Ala Ponzone Civic Museum in Cremona.
Since 2015 he has been an employee of the Lugano-based company MusicMasterpieces, committed to supporting talented young musicians through the Adopt a Musician initiative, managing the loan of string instruments from important private collections.