Artemio Versari

Modern Violin Making in the Emilia-Romagna Region

2002, 300 pp.
rilegato con copertina rigida ed elegante cofanetto, 24 x 34 cm
ISBN: 888761802X

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Modern Violin Making in the Emilia-Romagna Region is the first important book of information and consultation for violin makers, dealers, collectors and enthusiasts. The work presents a wide panorama of instruments made both by the most famous violin makers of the period and by those who are less well known, but who are equally important from the historic-documentary standpoint. Seventy authors are present, for a total of ninety-one instruments published, with biographical notes for each violin maker and technical-descriptive data for each instrument. This is an effective synthesis to give readers more information and guide them through the historical context of violin making in Emilia-Romagna. The layout is especially designed to make the book very attractive and easy to consult, offering a clear and immediate understanding of all the details of the instruments. The book is complete of technical descriptions of each instrument, comparative tables of the heads and measurements.

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Artemio Versari
Professor Versari was born in Cesena and studied the double-bass at the Martini Conservatory in Bologna. He played for a number of years as a freelance musician in Italy's top lyrical and symphonic orchestras, including that of the RAI in Turin.
After winning contests in a number of Italian theatres, including that held at the Carlo Felice Theatre in Genoa, he moved to Bologna where he was chosen to play first double-bass in the Municipal Theatre Orchestra, a post he has held for about thirty years.
At the same time as playing in the orchestra, he also for many years taught the double-bass, initially at the Pollini Conservatory in Padua, and subsequently at the Martini Conservatory in Bologna.
He is now involved in violin making as a historian, collector, organiser and curator of exhibitions.
He is one of the top international experts in violin making, in particular modern violin making.