Nicola Giuliani

Mauro Giuliani

Guitar virtuoso: his hearly life and final decline

2005, 80 pp.
rilegato in brossura, 21 x 28 cm
ISBN: 8887618062

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Any contribution that sheds new light onto the biography of Mauro Giuliani is always greeted with great interest. Nicola Giuliani dug through libraries and archives in search of new data and information on his famous forebear, for the first time tracing a family tree. What guitarist in Italy's great musical centres has never played Giuliani's Studies or his Variations on a theme by Handel? They have become classics of guitar literature. Mauro Giuliani went to Vienna, where he attracted the attention of audiences and musicians to an instrument that was not part of the illustrious Austro-German musical tradition, but that could very well take its place in the consolidated chamber-music scenario. This is shown by the concerts he held with the collaboration and participation of top-level musicians, such as Maiseder and Moscheles. He also earned the esteem of musicians like Beethoven, Spohr and Kummel. On his return home, fresh from his successes abroad and the numerous publications to his name, including his guitar Method, Giuliani quickly regained the attention of audiences and critics, also earning the esteem and friendship of Paganini and Rossini. He dedicated to the latter the six Rossiniane, a series of books of variations and paraphrases based on Rossini's opera themes. Nicola Giuliani takes us clearly and convincingly through the stages of a career that was intense not only in terms of concert playing but also composing. A career that was interrupted by his death, at the early age of forty-seven.

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Nicola Giuliani
Nicola Giuliani, was born in Bisceglie in 1968.
Passionate about art and archival research, he is the author of several publications, has participated in conferences and promoted exhibitions and cultural events, including, with the Municipality of Bisceglie and the local Pro Loco, the first Giuliani day in 1998, with the Arts Academy of Rome a seminar for the school of guitar, lute and vihuela in 2000 and, with the province of Bari the exhibition "Mauro Giuliani - family curiosities" at the Pinacoteca Provinciale in 2005.
In Gorizia Castle in 2009, in Laureana di Borrello (RC) and in Brnò, Czech Republic, in 2010, he presented his books on Mauro Giuliani together with the exhibition of some pieces, documents and scores from his own collection.