Sinier de Ridder

The Guitar, Mirecourt les provinces françaises

Tome II

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2011, 224 pp.
rilegato con copertina rigida, 24 x 34 cm
ISBN: 8887618167

€ 220,00
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After the success of “La Guitare - Paris 1650-1950”, we are glad to announce the second volume of this collection devoted to “Mirecourt, les provinces françaises”. Written by Daniel Sinier and Françoise de Ridder, the book presents and analyzes instruments made by the master makers in Mirecourt who, with their instruments, have contributed to the international fame of this town and its territory. In the analysis, workshops, small or large, capacities and commercial practices of luthiers are put in evidence, a detailed description is made of a professional sector entirely devoted to the construction and trade of musical instruments of the highest quality. A panoramic view extended to the work of makers of musical instruments of the French regional capitals: Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, cities that, even though distant from Paris, have produced craftsmanship of excellence. Works represented by Altimira, Anciaume, Aubert, Aubry-Maire, Beau, Brugère, Cabasse-Visnaire, Coffe-Goguette, Collin, Deleplanque, Derazey, Didier, Ferry, Grobert, Lacaille, Lambert, Laurent, Leblanc, Mast, Mauchand, Mougenot, Noiriel, Otte, Petitjean, Pons, Pratten, Roudhloff, Salomon, Silvestre, Thibouville-Lamy, Vissenaire. The volume illustrates more than 40 unpublished guitars accompanied by a text rich of colour photographs showing internal details of the instruments, their specific characteristics and information of various kinds gathered by the authors during their 40 years of activity. It is an exhaustive and highly valuable publication of undoubted interest for professionals of the sector, collectors and instrument lovers.

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Sinier de Ridder
Both authors completed their studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts appliqués à l’Industrie, after which Daniel took a diploma that involved making a guitar.
After a period when they were apprenticed to several violin makers’ workshops, in 1971 they opened their own workshop in Paris, where they renovated musical instruments.
They worked for eight years in the capital, then in 1979 decided to settle in Saint-Chartier (Indre).
Since then they have spent their time renovating musical instruments, producing “expertise” certificates and buying and selling “historic” antique instruments.