At Il Salabue we began to offer the ancillary service of rental and sale of exhibition show-cases because we wanted to be able to provide a complete "turnkey" solution to the organizers of exhibitions in the violin-making sector.

The show-cases are designed in such a way as to match the technical specifications with the modern and essential style, and the sector greeted them immediately with enthusiasm and appreciation. Specific solutions have been used to ensure security, conservation and illumination of the exhibited instruments. The glass is of the burglar-proof type; the access door has a security lock; the spotlights are positioned at a carefully calculated distance to give the correct balance between adequately lighting the instrument and protecting it from overheating.

We took great care over the elegant lyre-shaped Perspex supports: the blocking device plus the versatile telescopic system to move the supports vertically makes it simple to adjust the supports and fix them in place to hold violins or violas.
The show-cases are suitably packaged in cases made of material compatible with international standards for export ISPM-15/FITOK, and are provided with convenient handles and practical wheels to aid handling.
We can put our skills at your disposal, providing a specialised service that includes loading, transport, assembly, connection to the electricity supply and final disassembly.

For information and quotations about the rental and sale of exhibition show-cases please contact our office at: